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Repairing storm damage

Our school got a significant amount of storm damage this year. It's sure been a wild winter. It's very important for us to have a safe school without any damage buildings or equipment posing extra risks to our students, staff or community members. It can be hard to get damage contractors out quickly after severe storms because they are so busy so it's important to have existing relationships with contractors so that you can get quick service. This blog is all about forming relationships with damage contractors before you have damage so that you can get a school, home or other building repaired as quickly as possible.


What Are the Signs That You’re Foundation Needs Underpinning?

16 July 2020
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Underpinning is the process of restoring house foundations that are failing. During the process, experts dig under existing footing to find out the extent of the damage on the foundation. That way, they can find the main cause of the damage to the foundation. Understanding when underpinning is necessary for your structure is important. You can then call the damage repair contractors to handle the issue before it is too late. Read More …

Key Services Offered by Professional Commercial Asbestos Removalists

12 November 2019
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As a hazardous material, asbestos requires careful handling during removal as well as during disposal. This is because asbestos fibres can remain suspended in the air for extended periods. While undisturbed asbestos materials don't pose a danger to staff in a commercial facility, it is not right to take chances because damage, disturbance or deterioration over time can free asbestos fibres in the air. Therefore, hiring a commercial asbestos removal and disposal service provider is vital. Read More …

What Welding Method Is Best for Your Upcoming Job?

21 June 2019
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If you have a piece of equipment that has been seriously damaged in an incident of some kind, then you may be considering your options. The equipment itself is still valuable and can be pressed back into service once it has been repaired. You certainly don't want to replace it, due to the cost and hassle involved. Instead, you need to ensure that it is repaired and that the job is performed well so that you don't leave anything to chance. Read More …

How Damage Contractors Can Help Clients to Avoid Foundation Damages

12 January 2018
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Repairing a damaged foundation can be costly because you might have to leave your home for a few days and stay at a hotel. The sad news is that most homeowners do not know when their foundation is showing signs of damage and they end up waiting too long. As a foundation contractor, there is nothing a client would love more than getting tips on how they can prevent foundation damage or reduce the cost of foundation repairs. Read More …

Recycling Demolition Waste: A Guide

13 February 2017
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If your property has suffered fire, flood or structural damage, you will need to call in a damage management contractor so they can stabilise the property and demolish and remove any parts which are dangerous or beyond repair. Depending on the level of damage, this could generate a large quantity of waste material. Whereas this material used to be sent straight to landfill, a large amount of it is now recycled. Read More …